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Bull Sale

We host an annual bull sale the second Thursday in February right here at the ranch. We do not creep feed our calves. We feel we cannot accurately evaluate the calves or their mothers calf raising ability if creep is provided. They have to do it on Mother's milk and what mother nature provides. Over the past several years, foot structure has become a growing concern. It is an area we place a lot of emphasis on when selecting herd sires.

AI Services

Bowman Ranch has used AI extensively for years.  Eric is a sub rep for ABS genetics.  We offer semen and supply sales as well as custom AI breeding.

Private Treaty Sales

Females are available for sale private treaty.

Bowman Ranch focuses on raising high quality females. Good cows equal good calves. We are a family operation and provide all of the day to day labor. We demand that every cow earns her keep. They have to maintain a sensible frame size, be structurally sound, easy to handle, and have an acceptable udder. We expect each cow to raise a heavy calf and breed back on time each year on limited resources in some rough country.

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